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Weekend City tour itinerary – Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is beautiful city with many old buildings & interesting history dated back to many centuries. Its around 4 hours from Berlin, Germany so very convenient city for weekend trip. It definitely took us to another era & experience medieval period of Europe.

As we are budget travelers, we planned our itinerary to cover most of places from old town on first day which is where many of tourist attractions are on walking distance. We found some interesting informations as well & turned our itinerary into kind of treasure hunt to find different places while exploring beauty of city.

Some notes before getting started with Itinerary:


1. Czech Republic has its own currency – Czech Republic Koruna which was at around 26 CRK = 1 euro when we travelled in September 2016. Its best if you get your currency converted before you go there or do it on airport or bus station or train station in standard currency exchange shops. If you try to get converted it in city, they give very low exchange rates.


2. Coins are must – Apparently, Prague metro tickets are sold on machines only which seem as old as city & only accepts coins. If you don’t have coins, its very hard to get it. Best to buy something to eat & ask for change in coins.


Day 1

2. New City Hall (Nová Radnice)

Vltava Statue (Kašna Terezka)

3. Little Square (Malé Náměstí)

4. House at the Minute

6. Astronomical Clock

7. Memorial Cross Park

8. Church of Saint Nicholas

7. Franz Kafka’s Birthplace
9. Jan Hus Memorial
10. Goltz-Kinsky Palace
11. The Prague Meridian
12. The White Horse Restaurant
13. The Storch House
14. Church Of Our Lady Before Týn
15. House at the Stone Bell
16. House At Golden Ring
17. Ungelt Courtyard
18. Saint James Church
19. Medieval Spider Bar (krcmaupavouka)
20. Celetná Lane & Black Madonna
21. Powder Tower (Prašná Brána)
Municipal Hall (Obecní dům)
22. Saint Henry’s Tower & Church
23. Na Příkopě Street & Bridge of Sighs
23. Church of the Holy Cross
24. Museum of Communism
25. Estates Theatre
Saint Gall Church
26. Havelský Produce Market
Former Coal Market
Old Town Shopping Center
27. Sex Machines Museum
28. More Medieval Homes
29. Charles Bridge Walking Tour
29. Charles Bridge Walking Tour
30. Jewish Quarter Walking Tour
30. Jewish Quarter Walking Tour
31. National Marionette (Puppet) Theatre
32. Imagine Theater
33. Jubilee Synagogue
Bethlehem Chapel
Palladium Shopping Mall
Beer Museum

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